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Former Member
Aug 10, 2015 at 03:42 PM

SAP - Access Files stored in Content Server from NON SAP Application


Hi all,

We have a requirement where We are creating an External NON SAP Web application - to access the Files stored in SAP Content Server.

So we have this FM that we are using to get the File URL - SDOK_PHIO_GET_URL_FOR_GET and it gives back an http file link.

In Test System ,When the Content server setting has Security not enabled,We click on the URL link and it opens the Text file contents and there is no issue.

But When the Content server security is enabled,it prompts for a User ID /Password (which will be the case in PRD since we cannot disable the security.)

We created a test ID for the content server but that does not help. It still keeps prompting.

We tried using the SAP R3 user ID - that does not work either.

Any ideas on how to fix this ? Is there any setting we are missing or need to check ?

Thanks in advance.