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Aug 05, 2015 at 04:52 PM

Error while Processing your query..


Hi Experts,

can somebody help us in finding out the root cause for the below issue.

Issue: while updating transaction(in our case its Service Request) and upon click of Save we are getting 'error while processing your query'.

Logs From Sm21;

Transaction Canceled CRM_ORDER_MISC 002 ( ORDER )

Documentation for system log message D0 1 :

The transaction has been terminated. This may be caused by a

termination message from the application (MESSAGE Axxx) or by an

error detected by the SAP System due to which it makes no sense to

proceed with the transaction. The actual reason for the termination

is indicated by the T100 message and the parameters.

Additional documentation for message CRM_ORDER_MISC 002

Error in updating object &1


Error in updating.


Repeat the transaction.

If the error recurs, inform your system administrator. If the error

cannot be corrected, contact the SAP hotline, and list the individual

steps that caused the error.

this is happening very rarely.

please suggest me on this.

thanks in advance!.




Error.PNG (24.6 kB)