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Jun 28, 2015 at 08:50 AM

Posting balance of retroactive accounting chain not settled


An employee on a (calendar) monthly payroll was hired in April 2015 after pay run for period 10/2014. Payroll area with Roman calendar start/end dates. Payroll run in May 2015 with retro for 4/2015.

Posting for May 2015 gives above error. The message details are:

Message No. 3G310


Employee was rejected, because the balance of the posting items for the retroactive accounting chain has not been settled.


Check Customizing for the wage types that are available in the relevant payroll results and are retroactive-accounting-relevant (table T52CODIST_RETRO).

The view for the above table (as delivered by SAP Support packs) contains w/t /411, /RTI, /RTO