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May 22, 2015 at 06:43 PM

packaging in SD order item - with lots



I have an issue with posting of packaging leading to FICO differences.

Example (good):

SD order item 10 with one item and one lot and one packing per lot (e.g. a pallet).
The system posts - amongst others (packaging) Dr COGS Cr Inventory differences (actually two separate postings with this final result).

Example (bad):
SD order item 20 with one item two lots used, two pallets used.
The system posts the packing again Dr COGS Cr Inventory differences but for one pallet only.

In total I used 3 pallets. But in case of the bad example I miss one posting for the inventory differences.

The data got entred as follows for

item 10 which is for SD order item 10

item 20 which is for SD order item 20 with two lots

packing 3

What I can see is that SAP does not handle more than one packaging (e.g. palett) and more than one lot (lot split).

Perhaps you can give me a hint on how to "convice" the SAP system to post for both my pallets and not only for one of them
for the second example item.

Many thanks in advance