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Apr 28, 2015 at 10:30 PM

ESS - Leave request stauts- Sent/Approved


Hello all,

We have customized WF and one level approval for level approval for leave request. Everything is working fine for us except one day we have noticed that for few employees approved leave requests are not posted in backend system from web application. And this is bring disconnect in leave quota been displayed in ESS-Web Application and in back end system .

here are the steps how we have done back track investigation and didn't find any reason:-

  1. We checked the date from approval notification in SOST.
  2. On found date, checked the workflow log in SWI2_FREQ. WF completed successfully.
  3. In report PTARQVIEW. Leave request status approved
  4. In table PTREQ_ATTABSDATA , leave request status is approved, not posed ,
  5. Batch job which is responsible for leave postings. Unfortunately, we dint have more 15 days batch job logs so we couldn't check batch job logs .

I have following question related to my exercise

  1. Is there anything that I have missed to investigate?
  2. Is my assumption is correct if I suspect batch job is culprit for the same , as WF completed successfully.
  3. In case batch job is specious then why all absence types are specific group of employees.
  4. Is there any report and common filed in absence request table (ESS-Web Application ) where I can write SAP query to fetch missing absence request with fields like employee number, applied date , number of hrs, status , to and from date. I already have checked , all these fields are not available in one single table. And, I am not able to write SAP query cause didnot find any common fields among tables to perform join.

Much appreciated your time to look at my query and your valuable response.