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Former Member
Apr 21, 2015 at 03:52 PM

negative time managment


Hi time experts,

i am facing an issue :for example

an employee started working from 31.12.2014 from morning till evening and on next day he continued the shift for the next day ,i.e.on 01.010.2015, the issue is:-

1) for the employee the amount has been calculated for 31.12.2014 and the next day was a public holiday i.e on 01.01.2015,for which the date was not at all appearing on his time sheet ,for public holiday also the 31.12.2104 date was considered and the same rate was paid to the employee.

2) if the employee worked on public holiday he need to be paid with a different date.but normal rate was calculated .

3)i need solution ,that on public holiday the extra rate need to be considered and the public holiday date 01.01.2015 date need to be displayed on the time sheet..

where and how to check ...kindly let me know.