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Apr 17, 2015 at 01:47 PM

General Marketing Campaign


Dear Gurus !!!!!!

My client is willing to develop general marketing campaign in the system. There will be no BP Data / Attributes of Target Groups available in the system , it will be created at the time of Marketing Campaign . Is it possible ?

1. Can we do it through External List or there is another possibility.

2. What about the Campaign Execution . As my client req is Campaign execution through SMS , EMAIL , SOCIAL MEDIA , IC . Now is it possible that i can create a standard configuration for each campaign execution mode which will be applicable to all campaigns.

For example, For SMS i hva created one source through which i can link campaign with SMS server as i execute. Next time i create new campaign and simply link SMS Source with Campaign and it will be execute as it before. There will be no additional requirement for execution modes.

Campaign Execution like SMS , EMAIL can be cater through standard or any technical requirements essential fr that.

Lot f thanks