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Jan 16, 2006 at 04:44 PM

SEM BPS Variable mapping problem


Hello everybody,

I have recently used used the How To called "use reporting variables in BW-BPS" to map some variables from one Web interface to an other. The first one is an administration interface and the other is a user interface.

The administrator sets a variable value ( Fiscal year : 2005 for example) and it is automatically mapped in the user Web Interface so the users have to work on the 2005 data, set by the administrator.

The variables for the admninistration Web interface are "Fixed value" type with restriction required by a user box checked.

The problem is the following : when a new user is created, he has to go first in the administration interface or in the BPS0 to set a value for the fiscal year, otherwise he does get an error message in the user interface because he is asked to restrict the variable value to a single value. But we do not want the user to go through the administration interface or the BPS0. We want the administrator to set a value and the users (new or not) to work in the user interface without having to go through Admin interface or BPS0 to define the variable value as a single value.

What can I do to avoid this problem ?

Thanks a lot for your help...