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Mar 11, 2015 at 01:23 PM

Inventory lists for annual report - closing date is middle of the week


We have accounting year July - June, why all our annual year reports is made by June 30.

Before making the inventory report we need to settle production orders etx. and during this process we often see errors in the system, if other users are blocking the production orders / working during the report creation. Because of this we normally block the SAP system for some hours to avoid errors in the reports for the annual report, but as we have users in China, Europe and USA on the same SAP system, some locations will be blocked for using SAP during normal working hours when June 30 is a normal working day.

How do you manage to close the inventory for annual report with correct values in all inventory reports and finance when the closing date is a normal working day and you still want everyone to work as normal ?

I hope someone has solved this issue.