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Feb 17, 2015 at 10:53 AM

Getting subrc 1001 from calling a function module



I want to call an ABAP report "A" within another ABAP report "B".

With the report "A" I have created a batch-input (SHDB), and with this recorded batch-input I built a function module.

In report "B" I call this function module with CALL FUNCTION.

In our test system it works. Report "B" calls report "A", and when I test the function module with SE37, it works, too.

But when I want to run it in our productive system, I always get the subrc 1001.

I have found the following info:

Mode "N": Processing without display of screens. If a breakpoint is reached in one of the called transactions, processing is terminated with sy-subrc same as 1001. The field sy-msgty contains "S", sy-msgid contains "00", sy-msgno contains "344", sy-msgv1 contains "SAPMSSY3", and sy-msgv2 contains "0131".

But there are no breakpoints in my program.

I do not understand this behavior. Why does the program works in the test-system and breaks in the productive system?

Kind regards