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Dec 31, 2005 at 05:50 PM

Wonder if our transport strategy is correct


We find the BW transport is really sophisticated compared with R3. We list our step by step procedure to let our BW experts here to verify if our procedure is fine by giving an example on how to transport an ODS called 0FITX_O03 from BW DEV to BW TEST:

1. Transport Datasource on source sytem from DEV to TEST

2. Replicate the datasources on BW Test

RSOR to get to Transport Connection on BW DEV and drag the ODS over to the right frame

1. Grouped by "Only Necessary Objects":

(1). Check InfoArea and InfoObject and click the truck button to create a new change request CR1 for these two kinds of objects

(2). Check the ODS itself and click the truck button to create a new change requestion CR2 for this ODS object itself.

2. Grouped by "In Data Flow Before":

Expend Update Rules, and then expend the update rule 0FITX_O03 0FI_TAX_4 further, there are three levels under this update rule:


ODS Object


Not sure if we do need to check the checkboxes next to ODS Object and Routine here. Expend the InfoSource, there is only one InfoSouces called "General Ledger: Data for Tax on Sales/Purchases", expend it, there are 3 levels under which:

Communication structure

Financial Accounting: General Ledger

from FI-GL: Taxes for our_source_system_name Client 100

Expend 3rd one above, get the following level:





Transfer Structure

Source System

You see for this step grouped by "In Data Flow Before", there are so many levels and if we check the checkbox next to InfoObject level, then all the levels under which are checked and we don't know which ones are necessary or not necessary to check. Would be appreciated if experts here can give us an idea on how to check the complicated levels!

3. Grouped by "In Data Flow Afterwards":

Check the checkbox next to Query Element, then click the Truck button to create a new change request. But not sure if this request would include web templates generated based on these queries.

4. Transport Process Chain.

We don't have any question for step 1 and step 4 in the transport connection, but if experts here can answer our questions in step 2 and step 3, we would be very appreciated and give you reward points!