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Oct 06, 2014 at 09:42 PM

System status update in cMR once Order is delivered



We create the sales order in CRM and gets replicated to ECC. Orders are not edited in ECC. Once the order get shipped, the system status at the line item on ECC is getting updated to completed. But this status is not getting updated on the CRM side and hence the header status is not getting updated.We do not see any queue errors.

I believe in standard SAP Whenever an item is fully delivered, by standard, a "Completely Delivered" status will be updated into the item. . When all items in the order is fully delivered, the standard header status will set to "Completed".

In QA we see the status of the order at the header level gets updated when the order is delivered in ECC , but we noticed in PROD it is not getting updated .

Compared CRMRFCPAR, CRMPAROLTP, SMOFPARSFA in QA and PROD and they look the same.

The system settings looks same in both ECC and PROD .

Any reason for the system status not getting updated at the header level in PROD