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Sep 16, 2014 at 04:22 PM

Disaggregation and the location split table



The business here forecasts at grade/material level but want to avoid using the location split table. They don't want to forecast at plant level. My plan is to run statistical forecasting at plant level in a separate POS, then use the result to disaggregate the final forecast at grade level down to plant.

I want to use the a separate POS to ensure CVC's are not required at plant/customer level which would create too much data.

My plan is to:

1, run statistical FC at material grade in POS1

2, make adjustments at material grade in POS1 to create the final forecast

2, run statistical FC at material plant in POS2

4 copy the final FC from POS1 onto material in POS2 to apply disggregation to plant

5. release the forecast from POS2

Do I need to be using proprtional factors via MC8V or is it simpler just to copy the key figure?

Thanks for your help