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Aug 25, 2014 at 06:51 PM

Open a webi report from a Dashboard components


Hi All,

I have created a dashboard using Dashboards 4.0.It has a bar chart,line chart,combination chart.all these chart on X-Axis have month names as dimensions and y - axis shows different measures.

So now the requirement is the user wants to select any month from any one of the chart at one particular point of time.then the dashboard should open a Detailed Webi report( created in BI Launch pad) for the selected month and display that month data in a new window.

I know that we have to use the URL button in Dashboards for linking a webi document.

However i would like to know how to pass the selected month from the dashboard by selecting a particular month from any of the graph component as a parameter to the respective Webi report in BI Launch pad.

Hence any body how to implement this in Dashboards please let me know the step by step process.

Thanking you,


Naga Nanda Kishore.