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Aug 09, 2014 at 10:31 AM

Custom Axis handler deployment



I have the requirements to develop custom handler for Axis adapter of PI 7.11. I`ve kindly looked through the SAP Note 1039369 FAQ XI Axis Adapter, but can`t find what have to be name and structure of sda file to be deployed to AS Java.

From FAQ:

There are several places you can package your handlers. If your handlers do not require any references to any service or application components, they can be simply packaged in the standard 3rd party library SDA aii_af_jmsprovider.sda or depending on the adapter engine version (i.e., the former for the 640/700 engine and the latter for the 710 engine).

In blog Alessandro advices just to put complied java class to aii_af_axisprovider.sda and deploy it. Refer to SAP Note 1028961 this package should be named as

Is this a working approach? Does the sda have to include all required adapter jars or I can put just compiled handler class?

The other approach described in Axis FAQ is to use Axis SDK package:

If your handlers require some references to some service or application components, they must be packaged in a component that has references to these components and has its own start/stop life-cycle management. Your handlers should be registered to the Axis's class utility registry at the start up. In particular, if the adapter uses some handler classes that are not included in the standard library components of the Axis adapter, the class loaders of these classes must be registered in the org.apache.axis.utils.ClassUtils registry.


This step can be automatically performed when you simply include your handler classes in the Axis sample adapter package and add these class names in its file. In this case, the Axis sample adapter will automatically register these classes. Read What is the Axis sample adapter SDK? for more information.


The Axis sample adapter SDK for the 7.1x codelines is available as two deployable archives and

Could anyone clarify what archive should I use to deploy handler? Both or just one?

I`ve found in include with

So do I need to put compiled handler class to, add it to sda and deploy?

Thanks for help in advance.

Best regards,