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Jun 18, 2014 at 06:58 PM

Configuring Process Route


Hello Guru's

While configuring the system for Process Route for an ER type, I had the event "INPROCESS" set at status 10 under STATUS ADMINISTRATION profile and also to activate the change master at status 10. When I create the Engineering Record and navigate to status 10 I get the lead change number and also I can see the work item sent icon( yellow icon) next to agent's name in the Process Route Tab. But I don't see the same work item in my Work Overview - Workflow inbox until I move the ER status to 20 ( ie 10-15-20) which is to me is little weird.

There is no event set for status 20.

Also in Workflow Inbox I am not able to see the work item under Process Routing Work Item. The work item shows only in Eng Record Work Item.

Am I missing any configuration here.

Please advice.

Thanks & Regards

Jo Pz