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Apr 22, 2014 at 07:49 PM

Inventory in SAP at Alternate Units of Measure


Hey Gurus,

I have a situation at my client where they have material ABC123 which has these units of measure configured. PC is the base unit of measure

1 PC = 1 PC

1 PAC = 6 PC

1 CAR = 10 PC

The issues comes up where they inventory each of these units of measure differently in the warehouse and assign a UPC to that specific unit of measure.

The inventory that they have on the floor is as such:

300 PC

200 PAC

100 CAR

When we go look in MMBE, MMBE is showing that we have (300X1 + 200X6 + 100X10)= 2500 PC. This is accurate at the base unit of measure, but it doesn't show them what they actually have in inventory based on the alternate unit of measure inventory.

The issue comes up when we try to do an ATP check. For some of the customers, the Sales order Quantity is in PACs or CARs. They can't ship PC. so that inventory is not available to that customer based on the unit of measure in inventory.

Is there a way of showing the inventory in SAP based on the alternate unit of measure that is scanned in based on the UPC, or does this have to be another material in the system?

Also, we are not using IS-Retail here. Just standard SAP ECC.