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Mar 03, 2014 at 10:53 PM

Setting up new material for discontinued part funtionality


Hi ,

I have created 4 ROH,3 HALB and 2 FERT ,Now if I am trying to check the Discontinued part functionality and doing testing in this way

  1. Let say I decided to disconinue HALB1 and Following up HALB3
  2. Setting is done in material master MRP4 view.(I know this part)
  3. Setting is done in BOM item (Basic data tab)(I know this part)
  4. When I am trying to go back and check MD02 for HALB1,and MD04 for HALB1, there is ZERO stock.
  5. How can I fill the stock so I can see the discontinued part functionality in MRP as well as in Process Order.

Please help in setting up so I can understand the whole process from the beginning .

Kind Regards,



stock zero.PNG (28.5 kB)