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Feb 09, 2014 at 10:28 AM

Problem with representation of maps on the BI-Platform


Hi experts,

I've a problem with the execution of maps on the bi-platform.

If I execute the app in local mode everything looks well, but on the bi-platform it looks incorrect. (look to the screen)

Yes, I restarted the APS after deploying the app more times!

The only one problem that I can see at the moment, is an error msg from the console.

"Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (404) http://s-sbop-bi02:8080/BOE/OpenDocument/1311291059/zenwebclient/manifest.appcache"

Does anyone could help?

Thanks for you help!

Local Mode:



local_mode.PNG (709.8 kB)
bi platform.PNG (1.3 MB)