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Feb 03, 2014 at 05:00 AM

BPC Web Client Black Screen on Citrix


Hi All,

We have problem with our BPC Web client in IE 8 using Citrix. We have 5 users of citrix and bpc.

- 3 of 5 users face intermittent blank screen after successfully login into BPC.

- 2 users don't face this issue, BPC homepage appear and normal.

- These 5 users have same authorization in BW,BPC, and Citrix.

This is not authorization issue since /POA/* roles have been given and we have SAP_ALL profiles.

Step that we have done :

1. Ensure roles and profiles are generated in backend

2. Reinstall Citrix Receiver --> one time after reinstalling citrix receiver, 3 users that face blank screen can have normal home page. But after one day, the issue come again.

Has anyone face this issue before? I think this is flash player issue, but since we (all 5 users) are using same IE on the citrix it should not be the problem.

Thank you,



Black BPC.jpg (37.9 kB)