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Jan 29, 2014 at 04:56 AM

Legacy asset master Deletion in Production System


Dear SAP Gurus,

I have once problem in Asset Accounting. we have uploaded some of assets in Production system but due to some problem we haven't use production system. Right now we are going to use.

If i want to upload Asset masters i have to clean the production system which are available in Production system. in this situation Can i use T. Code: OABL (Reset Co.Code) in Production system. if i use OABL T. Code what is the impact on Production system.

What is the process ? IS it safe to execute the t code OABL or is there any better method to mass delete. If i'm using the AS06 system showing your asset master contains balances.

Can you people give me the suggestions

Thanks in Advance

Sreehari tokala