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Jan 22, 2014 at 06:12 PM

SIMPLE Inventory Posting/Stocktaking Method - Handheld Device?


We are looking for a simple, reliable and faster way to take physical inventory in our warehouse. Currently we print- the stocktaking report, fill enter information by hand then enter the results in the inventory tracking window. We have about 3000 items numbers and this process takes days.

Is there a better way? Perhaps a portable / WIFI / RF device (ideally an Iphone/Ipad) that can be used to take physical inventory counts in the warehouse? We have looked at a few warehouse managements packages but they are a huge overkill for our needs. Ideally the handheld device would have the ability to read a barcode and provide the user basic details on a part as well.

Many thanks for your time.

Andrew Bleier