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Dec 10, 2013 at 11:13 PM

Currency Conversion of AS_IS Accounts with ENTITY_FX Taking Place


Hi - We are running BPC 10 NW, SP 9.

We have one company for which no currency conversion takes place. For this company, we've designated it with a unique FX_TYPE, and in our currency conversion business rules, we've specified [AS_IS] for this Entity FX type. For this company, we load directly in USD and CAD. For AUDITTRAIL members where IS_CONVERTED is set to "G", this works fine where for any account (irrespective of RATETYPE) it goes from USD/G_NONE to USD/G_XXX when currency conversion is run. And likewise for CAD.

However, for AUDITTRAIL members that have a IS_CONVERTED value of "Y", these USD and CAD amounts disappear and don't move up the consolidation hierarchy when currency conversion is run. The values simply disappear.

I thought that having [AS_IS] for a given Entity FX Type means that group currency values go from G_NONE to G_xxxx, yet I'm not seeing this. What am I missing or with version 10 NW is there something else that needs to be done, e.g., a property, etc.?