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Oct 01, 2013 at 01:07 PM

Mouse over event in VC TableView



I am trying to trigger a R/3 Data service (Remote enable function module) while user move the mouse pointer on top of a TableView Row. But I could not able to find a predefined event for above action. Only action I could find is the "Select" event, which will be triggered only after user select a particular TableView.

Scenario is as below :

In TableView, there are few amount columns for which corresponding Amount in Words need to be displayed as a tooltip. I have created a RFC to convert the amount -> Amount in words. But even though I move the mouse over any row, tooltip is dispalyed according to the selected row value.

Output -> Tooltip value is wrongly dispalyed (instead of Rupess Ten Thousand.... it is dislayed Rupees Eighty Five...) , as RFC is triggered based on the "Select" event, and "Selected Row" values.

Is it possible to trigger the RFC based on the row, where mouse pointer is positioned?

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