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Jul 24, 2013 at 08:36 AM

SUM SP07 PL-7 , 5.6 Execution, JAVA , STOP_SHD_J2EE phase


and the next error:

we did finish phase 5.5 PreProcessing,

then did a whole backup of the system (sap systems are down)

then restart SUM process to continue phase 5.6. Execution,


An error has occurred during the execution of the STOP_SHD_J2EE phase.

Could not stop AS Java instance with name J2EE and number 17 of the shadow system. Could not execute operating system process for action stop on instance 17. Process ID is 7, process name is sapcontrol. Return code condition success evaluated to false for process sapcontrol for action stop.

You can find more information in the files /usr/sap/EXE/SUM/java/log/STOP_SHD_J2EE_PSJ_02.LOG

normal instance is 10 (SCS10) and 11 (DVEBMGS11)

the shadow instance is 13 (DVEBMGS13)

we are on IBM-i with a double-stack PI (Upgrade from NW-PI-7.00 SP18 to NW-PI-731 SP07

how to reset the sapcontrol file,

there is no SAPSTRSRV with <SID>ADM running,