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May 24, 2013 at 10:13 PM

Profit & Loss Statement Using Cost Centers


We had built Profit & Loss statements in XL Reporter that have worked for us for the last few years. We have recently began using cost centers and have modified the P&L statements to reflect these cost centers. We have ran into a couple issues:

1. I want the ability to split by GL account direct allocation costs vs. indirect allocation costs. I cannot find a way in excel reporter to do this.

2. Under the budget scenario, I have added cost centers and added dollar amounts to the individual cost centers. These amounts are not showing up in the P&L statement.

Is Crystal reports the better report designer to use in the case? If so, is there a place for canned reports that I can download a P&L template and modify it to fit our needs?

Since crystal reports is table based, is there a table that would pull through the indirect allocations properly without much configuration?