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May 15, 2013 at 02:57 PM

Partial results issue after upgrade to MySQL 5.6.10.


I've run into an issue after upgrading our back end MySQL server from 5.0.24a to 5.6.10 (massive leap, I know). When CR replaces a {?date} parameter in an SQL command it sends {d '2013-01-02'} to the server. When the date is submitted in that format the results returned from the query are usually partial. If I run the SQL command with the date hard-coded in, the results are complete. If I change the parameter type from date to string, the results are correct.

The setup was CR9 on Windows 2003, MySQL ODBC Driver 3.5, and MySQL 5.0.24a on Linux. After the DB upgrade when the problem first cropped up I upgraded to CR 2011 and MySQL ODBC Driver 5.2. Since the problem persisted despite the version I narrowed it down to the parameter issue I mentioned.

Is anyone aware of a setting in MySQL which would allow the {d 'YYYY-MM-DD'} format to work like it used to, or an option in CR so that the parameter being passed is ONLY the date, minus the braces and other stuff?