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Feb 09, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Relation of SAP EHS with SAP EHSM


Dear EHS community

based discussion on thread:

I would like to clarify some topics on my side. That means: I would like to understand better what is needed to use SAP EHSM as a prequisite and which scenarios of use are supported by SAP.

Recent version of SAP EHSM is described here:

Main topics to consider in this thread are:



If i check now

there is the option mentioned to link SAP EHS to SAP EHSM using either R_EHFND_FILL_CHM_BY_EHS_SUBST or R_EHFND_FILL_REGL_BY_EHS_SUBST

Now if i go to lower level then I find this explanation:

"the system requires that the technical keys of Customizing entries in the add-on system (for example, for color, form, and so on) are identical to the phrase keys and Customizing entry keys"

Here now i have many questions to better understand the use of EHSM and if or if not is is possible to use data from SAP EHS in a robust way in SAP EHSM.

Many companies use SAP EHS core for generation of safety data sheets and safety data distribution and dangerous goods topics etc.. To do so a basic is to create and maintain REAL_SUBs etc. Now because of legal changes etc. the data on these objects will change. Especially data will change which is needed in the contest of "risk assessment" and "incient handling" (like OEL values etc.)

Because of this normally you would change data in EH&S core to support your normal EHS processes and now my cleas assumtion was in the past by using the above mentioned reports you can use this data in EHMS process. Therefore I assumed that these report are scheduled on a daily basis to transfer changes from EHS to EHSM.

Now if I read the explanation of SAP I have doubts that this understanding is correct as there is the need to map e.g. "phrase keys" (refer above) to customizing entries. Because of the legal changes as referred above phrases need to change as well. Therefore my understanding would be: you can not schedule the two reports. You first need to check your EHSM customizing etc. and after that you can populate to my understanding EHSM with the new data from EHS core. Then you will execute the reports manually.

First question:

Is this understanding correct? that means: I can not schedule the reports automatic; i need always to check if my mapping is correct and need not to be changed etc.

Second question:

Assuming now that EHSM has now the new data: is there any type of change management in EHSM? Now you have new data and at least you need to check your risk assessments (to my understanding) per location in EHSM; Is there an optoin to generate a "work list" in EHSM regarding locations there you now should check your risk assessment?

Third question
Or is the story complete different? that means a company using EHS and EHSM parallel need to maintain tweice the data independent on data in EHSM?

I would appeciate feedback from the communty

Thanks in advance