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Feb 14, 2012 at 04:57 PM

Integration Server B1i problem for dashboards! as soon as login


Hi forum,

I have already spent a lot of time on this and still struggling.

As a started, everything works fine on my laptop (Windows 7 professional), I did the following steps:

1. Install 8.8 patch 4 Integration Server

This created the B1i database and B1i user profile.

I made the password of B1i user same as manager password.

B1i has the two licenses it needs - B1iNDIRECT_MSS and B1i

The integration event sender was configured with B1iadmin password and required SAP company added.

2. I upgrade to 8.8 patch 10

I can login from browser to Integration Server and SLD is created for SAP company and it tests OK in both places.

I login to SAP B1 company and the dashboards are enabled through Admin.

The dashboards work through the cockpit. NO PROBLEM on my laptop.

PROBLEM on remote server running 2008 Server


I repeated exact same thing as above on a remote server.

Everything in step 1 went through OK on remote machine also. I upgraded it to 8.8 patch 10 also. No problem there.

Step 2, I could also enable cockpit and dashboards through Admin panel. That is dashboards enabled, activated through Admin panel. Also, right dashboards configured and attached to Server, Financial and Sales on Cockpit.

I could login to B1i database with manager password and no problem and no error messages.

I could login to integration server on ie browser with B1iadmin and the SLD is created and connects fine.

Problem: As soon as I logon to client (on the same machine as B1 server), I get this error message :

SAP Business One Integration Service authentication failed. Log off from the application; 
then log on and try again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.

Click on dashboards does not load the dashboard due to above error (that I get as soon as I login to company using manager id). The error here is "Cannot cannot to SAP Business One Integration Service. Proceed as follows:

1. In the Microsoft "Services" window, ensure that this service has been started.

2. Log off from the application; then log on and try again. "

I have performed above suggested steps and it did not correct the problem.

The same problem occurs even on a different company on the same server and manager id.

I have re-installed also and it did not fix the problem.

Please help. Thank you.