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Sep 07, 2011 at 05:04 PM

CR 2010 Report using "File System Data" as source fails in production


Hello, I've recently upgraded my website from VS 2008 with full CR 2008 to VS 2010 using CR 2010 SP1 runtime (x32). Everything went fine except for one report that uses as a source the "file system data". It points to a share on a samba drive and it worked great before the upgrade. After upgrading my development box the report runs fine, but when I deployed it, it fails with the message:

Failed to load database information. Error in File {report name} {D5D84E7F-54DB-4BCA-B3C3-0A169CDC36D7}.rpt: Failed to load database information.

I made sure the websiteu2019s Application Pool identity was set to use credentials of a user who has access to the share.

The data source has the following properties:

Database DLL: crbd_filesystem.dll

File Mask: .

Include Empty Directories: False

Max Number of Subdirectory Levels: -1

Starting Directory:
{FreeBSD server name}\{share name}

This report uses a sub-report which has the same source. This report works fine from (full) CR 2008 and from the designer inside of VS 2010 works too. I can run it on my development box (in release and debug modes) which is Windows 7 (x64) using IIS 7.

In production, we donu2019t include the runtime in our application deployment, since we run multiple sites and do updates frequently, so we pre-install (one time) the runtime separately on the server. We installed the CR 2010 SP1 x32 runtime on our test and development boxes which both are Windows 2003 with IIS6 and made sure they are setup to use .Net 4 and have the Application Pool identity setup to have access to the share. All my other reports which use ODBC work fine. Just this one report doesnu2019t and Iu2019m at a loss on how to even begin troubleshooting this.

Is CR 2010 still capable of using u201Cfile system datau201D as a source? I couldnu2019t find anything on u201Cfile system datau201D with CR 2010. Though I have seen under Other Sources, it still exist when I created a new report, just to try it out.