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Mar 10, 2011 at 02:33 AM

Exactly, what does R3TR DEVC means ?


I need to know exactly what means the entry R3TR DEVC within a transport request.

The point is: R3TR DEVC means

1. Development package definition data only

2. Development package and ALL the objects contained in this development package

I investigate through SE80 and there appear 2 options when right clicking on the root of the development class and selecting "write transport entry":

- package

- all objects

I created a transport request selecting first option and the entry created was R3TR DEVC

I also created a transport request selecting second option and it created an entry R3TR DEVC and a lot of entries (one for each object contained in the package)

This test did not clarify the point to me. I am not completly sure the first transport request (with the entry DEVC alone) will not transport objects even if them are not explicitly enumerated.

In order to do a more complete test I guess I would create a new package and some objects in it (new objects not transported yet to any other system). After this I could create a transport request like the "first one" with only an entry DEVC, transport to another system and observe the result. I do not want to do such test if it is possible to obtain an answer from the forum.

Thanks in advance.

Pedro Restrepo