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Jul 22, 2009 at 01:35 PM

Exitcode -1501 trying to start java server process



I have installed SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 SR5 Evalution SDN Version on a windows xp machine.

Included is the J2EE Application Server and the MaxDB.

I have done a standard installation (no adjustments)

When I try to start the Application Server with the management console it does not work.

The DB is running and I can log on via management console. I can connect to the database with the config tool.

Tha app server starts but in status it says "Some processes running [Safe Mode]" (yellow symbol)

With in the management console I see under "AS Java Process Table" that the process server0 has not started.

The trace file states:

J Wed Jul 22 15:21:50 2009

J [GC [ParNew: 9808K->2872K(10944K), 0.0070266 secs] 12456K->5521K(127488K), 0.0071551 secs]


F [Thr 4016] Wed Jul 22 15:21:51 2009

F [Thr 4016] *** LOG => SfCJavaVm: exit hook is called. (rc = -1501)

F [Thr 4016] *** LOG => exiting (exitcode -1501, retcode 2).

M [Thr 4016] CCMS: CCMS Monitoring Cleanup finished successfully.

Afterwards the server stops.

Does anyone have an idea what exitcode -1501 means?? I haven't found anything in these forums.

I checked the other logs but there were no errors.

Thanks in advance,