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Jun 22, 2009 at 09:06 AM

Storing SD invoices in Documentum


Hi all:

I need to store outgoing invoices generated by the sales department into Documentum content server.

I've made the following customizing, but I think I need to do anything else, as it doesn't work...

  • NACE: Output Control

Chosen V3 (Billing) application

Output type RD00 (Invoice), updated Storage system tab with the following values:

storage mode = 3 print and archive

document type = SDOINVOICE

  • OAC0 (Content Repository)

Created a repository in Documentum with Document Area = ARCHIVELINK and connection test passed successfully

  • OAC2 (Document types)

SDOINVOICE associated to document class PDF

  • OAC3 (Links)

Created link between Object type VBRK (Customer Individual Billing Document) and Document type SDOINVOICE (Billing document) in the content repository created in Documentum

Then, in transaction VF02 (Change Billing Document), I go to Header --> Output, and I enter the RD00 message type.

  • In Communication method, I choose the local spool, and select Print immediately.

  • In Further Data, as Dispath Time, I choose Send immediately (when saving the application) option.

After saving the Billing Document, the Processing Log shows the following error:

Maintain archiving parameter(s) for output type RD00 (appl. V3): Message no. VN096

Is any other customizing needed?

Do I have to create any special logical destination to be able to storage the documents properly? If so, how do I have to create it? (transaction, parameters, etc.)

Thanks a lot in advance.