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May 28, 2009 at 08:28 AM

post goods issue for outbound delivery in previous month


Hi experts,

Pls help. Many thx.

Due to roll out, some stock need to be issued in previous month. It works fine except some deliveries. Those deliveries have been cancelled goods issue due to wrong posting date.

For e.g. the posting date in delivery should be April 1. Due to oversight, the date is entered as May 27. In VL09, the reverse date should be in May. Otherwise, the system disallows further.

Now, the problem comes up. When doing those deliveries again (even create new deliveries), the error message pops up "Deficit of SL Unrestr. prev. 350 KG : XX material XX plant XX storage location

Message no. M7021


Shortfall below the specified stock level or quantity amounting to 350 KG.

System Response

If the message is an error message (E), the above is not allowed.

If the message is a warning message (W), the system will allow your input, but the warning is intended to prevent you entering a wrong quantity.


In the case of a warning message, check the quantity entered.

In the case of an error message, change the quantity or terminate processing."