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Former Member
May 15, 2009 at 12:36 AM

Multivalue Error



I have two queries as follows:

query 1 (project info): work_id, project_manager, description, RAG, status, ....

query 2 (project financials): work_id, EET, POCNow, CHE, ....

I am trying to put the follwing columns under one block:

work_id, project_manager, description, RAG, status, EET, POCNow

I was only able to put EET and POCNow in the same block and display value when I created detailed objects for EET, and POCNow since they are from query 2

The block described above exists under a section (created at project sub-group level) and displays these values for a list of projects under each section. For most of the sections, this works totally fine..but for few sections its creation another row in the block at the bottom where it displays #MULTIVALUE

Does someone know what this error specifcally means here as #MULTIVALUE is used quite generaically in many cases.

Appreciate any pointers which will allow me troubleshooting this error