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Oct 10, 2006 at 10:51 PM

File Adapter with Content Conversion


Hi -

I am trying to convert a Flat file which has data as


Now i have created a message type which has a root name as Contact and its children are FirstName,LastName,Company.

And in the configurator i have created a file adapter with the content conversion, but being very new to XI i have never used a file adapter with content conversion. This is what i have in my Content Conversion Parameters.Please correct my code.

Document Name :: MT_Contact

Document Namespace :: http://venkat

Document Offset :: <i>i did not enter anything here</i>

Recordset Name :: RootNode(i gave this name just like that,,, Should it be something from the IR??

Recordset NameSpace:: <i>i did not enter anything here</i>

Recordset Structure:: Contact (this is the name in my IR

Recordset Sequence :: Ascending

Recordsets per Message :: Contact,* (Can someone explain what should be given here)

Then in the bottom in the name value pairs i have given

Contact.fieldNames = FirstName,LastName,Company

Contact.fieldSeparator = #

When i am using the above configuration the error i am getting in RWB is Error: Conversion initialization failed: Exception: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: Error(s) in XML conversion parameters found:

Format error in 'xml.recordset' argument: incomplete structure (name,number) pairInvalid 'xml.recordsetsPerMessage' value 'Contact,*' found

I am very new to XI and i am unable to understand what exactly each field means in the file adapter when the content coversion is used. Can someone take the pain of explaining them.

Thank you