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Apr 05, 2014 at 07:18 PM

CTI Adapter related Q&A for Cloud for Service


Q - In the prerequisites I noticed that we need to use Microsoft® Visual Studio to edit the CTI Connector project, this is extra tool or is included in C4C / CTI Adapter solution?

A —> Visual Studio license is not included. Customer or partner who develops integration to C4C using this plugin needs to have valid Visual Studio licenses for development. Modifications to the project is required only to support outbound calls. If the call center is only receiving calls from customers, there is no need to edit this project.

Q - Also I read that all parameters are included in the following extension spot, available in the SDK: ES_COD_CTI_CALL_HANDLING.

SDK is a prerequisite?

A —> SDK is not a pre-requisite. The enhancement spot can be used if additional search parameters need to be used to search tickets based on call data that is captured. E.g. If the IVR captures a mileage card number, and this should be used to search customers and tickets in C4C, the exit can be used.

Q - I assume that the CTI Adapter part is SAP responsibility and not partner or customer responsibility, SAP will build DLL´s

A —> We deliver a CTI Client Adapter that can be uses as-is. This component is our responsibility. Any CTI vendor can integrate to C4C CTI Client adapter by just passing events, with no modifications. But, if a partner wants to make changes to the client adapter, they can, and then the maintenance of this customized version becomes the customer’s responsibility.

Q - When you said some development / customization on the Avaya soft phone, what do we need to discuss with Avaya in order to figure out those developments

A —> I believe partners should be able to extend it as well. I am not familiar with this part. The soft phone is a piece of software that Avaya ships, and I assume it will have customization capabilities to be able to trigger additional events to our CTI adapter.