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Jun 04, 2013 at 10:35 AM

0IC_C03 Compression n Marker update..


Hello all,

I'm working with SAP Net Weaver 7.02 and BI Content 7.06. While using Standard Cube: 0IC_C03 Material Moments which has three DataSources

i) 2LIS_03_BX

ii) 2LIS_03_BF

iii) 2LIS_03_UM

I have completed stet-up table with company code for above there datasources:

Now, I need to load data into infocube. Following are the steps/sequence which I',m following, Could you please have a look, Am i on the right track?

1: 2LIS_03_BX will be loaded first and only one time with the update mode being "stock initialization" in both infopackage and DTP.

First, it would be compress and then marker update? No delta for would be run.

2: 2LIS_03_BF & 2LIS_03_UM these data sources need to first ''Initialization without Data''...then.

Full Load.... No need to be Compressed using marker update.

and afterwords, I shall run Delta with Compress with Marker Update

3: How and from where i need to compress and marker update? Do I need to Install Info package from BI content?

4: I have been reading SCN posts, DTP that datasource 2LIS_03_BX need to be Install from BI Content, if so then

what is the Technical name of DTP?

5: DTP for datasource 2LIS_03_BX can I create own my to use it?

6: For datasources 2LIS_03_BF & 2LIS_03_UM , How do i manage its Delta Management?

Do i have to compress and marker update every time during delta upload/request?

7: Do i have do first compression and then marker update? From where I can use compression?