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  • Sarah Walkerstarted
    Amol Manave answered 11 minutes ago
    Hi, I am Quality Data Analyst at my manufacturing company and have been tasked with finding out how we can transform our results worksheet-heavy, cumbersome Quality Inspection process into a PAPERLESS system. At present we use SAP across the supply chain...
  • Albert Chinstarted
    Albert Chin commented 12 minutes ago
    Hi There, We use BPC 10NW as a consolidation system and group multi-currencies (Yuan & USD). I only support the existing system. I have a question for exchange rates data. What amount should I enter for Yuan, USD and INR?. The holding company will ...
  • Logan Wiltstarted
    Mahboob Mohammed edited 12 minutes ago
    I have a stacked bar graph by month, is there a way to add the total of each stack by month to the top of the chart?
  • John Ellisstarted
    John Ellis answered 25 minutes ago
    Hello: I have followed the PDF instructions for the SAP Business One mobile app for the iPhone. But, I still cannot get in to the app. It times out. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone have successful and very simple instructions that I could follow? Th...
  • Sarah Debza answered 27 minutes ago
    I have a requirement from business to delimit the 401K(S) Base Salary Limit in order to allow employees to contribute upto their annual limit. Can I delimit the 401KS constant value to 0.00 in T511P table in SAP in order to remove the CAP
  • Darcy Mitchell asked 36 minutes ago
    I have a report where I have local member formulas. We only want the calculation to occur at base member level and sum at the different levels of the hierarchy instead of calculating the local member formula. Any solution out there ? We are using EPM 10...
  • Marc Kuipers commented 37 minutes ago
    Hi experts I recently updated to ST13. I try to refresh a word report via content refresh, but it shows errors The log shows: 2019-02-21 07:52:40.4454 [12] [ERROR] ==> -------- Begin -------- ErrorID: c6070035-3561-49c9-8845-7525e797e752 Message: ...
  • Brian McDonnell asked 44 minutes ago
    Hello Everyone, I've noticed that when deploying an MTAR file any mapped routings associated with a module are deleted. The route definition itself remains but the mapping is purged. Is this the expected behavior and is there any way to prevent this loss...
  • Hugo de Grootstarted
    Hugo de Groot edited 46 minutes ago
    Hello! I'm working on an older SAP system with SAP_ABA = 7.31. I would like to be able to take advantage of new ABAP statements introduced in 7.51. Does anybody know how difficult it is to upgrade just the ABAP component? Any pointers to documentation f...
  • Sidaray Hortistarted
    Susan Keohan answered 48 minutes ago
    Hi All, I need to stop the inbox for some business users, as of now we are getting all inboxes which is irrelevant to us. Can you please help me to stop. Thank you
  • naman shahstarted
    naman shah answered 49 minutes ago
    Hi I created report for Purchase quotation. Which has two parameter Dockey and object ID. I published that report in to SAP B1 as layout But when I try to do preview layout and select that layout it is prompting parameter screen instead of reading fr...
  • John Ellisstarted
    John Ellis asked 49 minutes ago
    Hello: In the Learning Hub, I could have sworn that there were tutorials where a speaker trained you. When I go in, now, all I find are PDFs to download and read. If such "verbal" tutorials do not exist here on the site, where in YouTube (for...
  • Amdap psstarted
    Amdap ps edited 1 hour ago
    Hello, I have a complex design requirement. Please throw some light on design approach. This is traditional Module-pool design. ( NOT webdynpro or other latest UI ). Details: Below is the sample design. Based on my internal table entries values ext...
  • Mahesh Kumar Palavalli answered 1 hour ago
    Hi, I am new to Gateway & have a question. For a service, I wanted to define a common method which should trigger everytime service called irrespective of method or entityset. will use this method for common logic at service level (Ex. Retrie...
  • christian libich answered 1 hour ago
    Hello Experts, I need to define the high level architecture for a customer who is a maintenance company that works for offshore facilities. The company has three maintenance vessels, several pieces of equipment placed on the offshore facilites, and so on...

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