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May 11, 2013 at 04:52 PM

How to represent a multi level structure?


Our sales order BOMs are extensive and have details till 6 to 8 levels. The first two or three levels in the Sales Order BOM are configurable materials (KMATs). We have to represent these products (sold on sales orders) as technical objects so that we can

  • do retrofits,
  • replace components at any level and
  • have as-maintained hierarchical structure

We have a batch program that creates and updates an equipment record for the product/material being sold on the sales order. To create the structure under this equipment (based on the sales order BOM), we explored at the following options:

  • Ø Equipment & Material BOMs: The first option is to create sub-equipments under the main equipment for all the KMATs in the Sales Order BOM. The components of KMATs will be created as equipment BOMs for these sub-equipments. The lower levels will be created as material BOMs.

With this design, we will only be replace components at the equipment BOM level and not at the lower levels which are represented as material BOMs.

  • Ø Equipment Hierarchy: The second option is to create a sub-equipment at each level of the sale order BOM. But with this design, how can we capture the Quantity and Unit of Measure in the equipment record for each component of the Sales Order BOM?
  • Ø iBase: The third option is to create an Installed Base using IB61. But in this case, how do I associate/link this iBase to the main equipment that was created through the batch program?

Please suggest the better option among the above ones.


Eqp Stucture.png (61.3 kB)
ibase.png (94.7 kB)