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May 11, 2013 at 09:38 AM

Batch search, a problem with class type 022


Colleagues, please help, can't understand myself what else to do:

I customized automatic batch search in two systems indenticaly "A" - customer and "B" - my sandbox.
1. Scheme is assigned for GI movement type (351)
2. There is only one Strategy type in the scheme
3. For this Strategy type there is only one access sequence (movement type/plant) - though I played with different ones.
4. In the strategy type the same class as in Material Master is chosen !!!But the class type in the "A" system is 022 (plant level), and in "B" system is 023 (material

5. There is only one characteristic in the class "The last GR date" LWEDT-MCHA - for "A" system and LWEDT-MCH1 for "B" system relatively, I also use it in a sort rule.

The data in the tables exist!

The problem is:
In the "B" system (sandbox, class type 023) everything works well as a clock, but in "A" system (customer, class type 022) the scheme is found due to keys in access

sequence, batch stocks are read, but the serach according to criteria gives errors for each batch "
doesn't match search criteria" or smth. according to Journal and no batches are selected.
If I choose the option "Without criteria" batches are selected and sorted according to a sort rule that include the same data LWEDT-MCHA for "А".

I can't understand why does the standard works so bad with class type 022!?