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May 11, 2013 at 08:57 AM

Retrieve and set Keys Values in js


Hi everyone,

i am very new to develop app, (so thanks for the patience)

I'm using the sap mobile Workspace 2.3 and i genereted an hybrid app.

i have 2 mbo(s) first one calls Customer, the second one calls ship_to

on my first screen - "start" i have a button with an online request that calls a screen with the customer list,

i set the list detail back in the start where i also have a textbox with the key of the customer list

so i can see my selection.

So: i call the list, i make my selection and i come back to start where i can see my choice in a textbox.

on my Start screen i have another button to call the ship_TO online request (the customer is parameter for the online request)

and the detail screen of the ship_to list is once again "Start" screen where i have another textbox mapped with the key of the ship_to.

When i select one item from the ship_to list i come back to the start screen and i can see the ship_to selected but i can't see the customer..

i tried to force the value key in javascript using the custom.js

in before show screen


hwc.getCurrentMessageValueCollection().add("key", value)

i tryed also the .remove first but no luck.

Can someone please give me some help?

Any hint will be appreciated

Thanks in advance,