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May 10, 2013 at 09:11 PM

Strategy for managing Portable Equipment


We have a business requirement to manage portable equipment. The equipment need have maintenance history on them, so need to be set up as an Equipment or perhaps Equipment PRT. Need to be able to have physical traceability for the equipment as well as the ability to charge a daily rate for their use.

For example, Compressor A is not in use. Needs to be installed to Floc 1 for 1 week and the Floc 1 is to be charged a daily rate for the use of the compressor. It is possible that Compressor A is leased, which means we need to also pay a vendor for it's usage.

We need to know the following data:

- Date it was installed to Floc 1

- Date it was dismantled from Floc 1

If we search on the Equipment, we need to know where it was installed and when.

If possible, we want the majority of the work to remain with the planner, not the Master Data Maintainer. So - Equipment install, dismantle is not something we would like to do.

I've looked at PRT's, but don't understand exactly how that plays out. How do we determine where the PRT was installed and for how long? Any other ideas? Someone mentioned Pooled Asset Management on another forum, but I don't believe that is the solution for this.

Thanks from the newbie!