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May 10, 2013 at 11:33 AM

ZERO confirm quantity in SO for insufficcient stock quantity


Hi Experts-

Good day!

I would just like ask some questions regarding to ZERO confirm quantity on sales order. Here's what we've done.

Material : 1075719

Batch : Test

Quantity : 60.00

Stor. Loc. : 5000

  1. Created order with quantity 80.00. SAVED.
  2. Executed transaction VKM3.
  3. Upon displaying the order, the confirm quantity of the material is ZERO value.

May I know why?

I've tried creating the order with the excat remaining quantity, 60.00, and executed VKM3. 60.00 appeared in as the confirmed quantity in the order upon displaying.

What could be the action made by me that caused the issue?

Another thing, I've tried rejecting the line item then SAVED. Then unrejected again the line item of the order. I saw that 60.00 now appeared on the confirmed quantity. I was just confused what is happening inside the SAP standard process. 😔