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May 10, 2013 at 10:05 AM

Transfer Posting 321 without UD


Hi Friends,

I am a PP consultant and new to QM module and I have a query related to stock posting in standard QM functionality.

We have inspection type 04 assigned to finished materials as a result of which system moves the stock to quality inspection at the time of process order confirmation. Now if UD is carried out for the inspection lot (Accepted) , this stock moves to unrestricted.

There is a option of transfer posting in MB1B with Mat Mvt 321 (TF quality to unrest), which also moves the stock from Quality to Unrestricted. Now this allows user to move stock from QA to unrestricted without even carrying out UD for inspection lots.

As per my understanding, if a inspection lot is created, then system should not allow other users to carry out stock posting with 321. In such cases, when UD is done (after manual 321), system shows a deficit quantity during UD. Is there a setting in “customizing” / “master data” that restricts users to carry out stock posting without carrying out UD ? (i.e. to make UD mandatory in order to move stock from QA to Unrest.)

Please clarify.