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May 10, 2013 at 09:08 AM

Hierarchy Date


Hi all,

I have a report using 0orgunit in rows.I select a hierarchy for orgunit therefore each base level is shown depending on the node of this hierarchy.

There is a date parameter for hierarchies.For example if an orgunit(let sat 5555555) is moved from one node to another then enddate is the key here.

Although 5555555 was assigned a node in 11.2012, it is shown under unassigned notes in 11.2012 in the report.Since it is under unassigned node now, I think the report shows the current version not the version for 11.2012 when showing 11.2012 data(the characteristic here for date is 0calmonth)But when I change hierarchy date in hierarchy tab of 0orgunit in query designer as 11.2012, it is shown under a node.Here is the picture:

What I want here is to select this date dynamically.I.e when the report shows 11.2012, 5555555 must be under a node, when the report shows 05.2013 555555 must be under unassigned nodes.

Date variables do not work in this case.I think the reason is that I use 0calmonth in the report but the variables is 0date's variable.

How can I achieve this?


pastedImage_0.png (67.2 kB)