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May 10, 2013 at 09:03 AM

APC Values in New depreciation area for existing assets


Hi All,

I would like to tell you an issue which we are facing in Asset accounting and get some help. As of now, we have the below config in my system,

Area 01 - Leading ledger : Company code currency PLN

Area 30 - Identical area for 01 for reporting : Group currency USD (Currency Type 30)

Area 31 - Identical area for 01 for reporting : Group currency CNY (Currency Type 60)

Area 60 - Local ldger LO : Company code currency PLN

We have created 2 additional depreciation areas (parallel) for a Local ledger LO which are 40 and 41. These 2 are created for reporting purpose by copying the area 60. These 2 areas are identical, which the values comes from area 60. These areas will not post.

Now the issue is that, we have around 5000 assets and need to activate these 2 new areas through AFBN. Before that, i did some investigation and felt that the Capitalization dates for these 5000 assets are different and the exchange rates. The assets which were migrated from Legacy to SAP got the single rate based on the Capitalization date from TCURR table which is fine. But the settled assets through Internal order to AUC and to final assets got an avg rate of all items which is not from TCURR table.

Ideally, when we activate the new depreciation areas of 40 and 41, system should take the exchange rate from respective Investment order / AUC. Then the problem get solved. Since the system is not doing that and it is taking rate from TCURR table, the acquisition and depreciation values are going wrong.

Now if we activate the depreciation area 40 and 41, the APC values will be copied from area 60 and convert them to USD and CNY based on the exchange rates available on capitalization date.

Ideally, the values of 40 should match with area 30 and 41 should be matching with 31. Because, 30, 31 and 40, 41 are for parallel currencies and identical hence we can't post any value to it separately.

I need to know if there is any SAP Note / Program to fix this issue.

Please be patient in reading my query and hope you understand.