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May 10, 2013 at 05:39 AM

SAPCAR 7.20 Upragde/Installaion


Hello All, I am in the process of kernel upgrade from 7.0 to 7.20_ext. Below is the current kernel version.

Current SAPCAR version:

Product Version: 700, patch 236, changelist 1121034

Platform: os400 for releases OS400 3 5, OS400 4 5, OS400 1 6

Special Build Description: OPT (Dec 11 2009, 21:02:09) (ASCII in PASE ASCII build)

I uploaded below archives to a folder on iseries and trying to find procedure on how to upgrade sapcar to be compatible with v7r1 before unpack the 7.20_ext kernel packages.



I found SAP Note 863821 - IBM i: Installing SAPCAR, which has below procedure which i think is also applicable sapcar 7.20.

Installing the PASE version (patch SAPCAR, without extension)

You do not have to perform any additional tasks for the PASE version of

SAPAR; you simply have to copy it into an IFS directory. Rename the program

so that it is followed by the name SAPCAR (6 characters in uppercase). Some

programs in the kernel rely on this naming convention. If you want to

integrate SAPCAR as a PASE version in a 710 SAP kernel, copy the program

into the directory /sapmnt/<SID>/exe/<codepage>/as400_pase_64. The next

time you restart the SAP instances, the system copies SAPCAR automatically

into the relevant executable directory for the instance

I don't see "/sapmnt/<SID>/exe/<codepage>/as400_pase_64" folder as described above.

I see below link for SAPCAR command program but

Object link . . . . . : /sapmnt/DEV/exe/SAPCARAS4

Content of Link . . . : /QSYS.LIB/SAP700OPT.LIB/SAPCARAS4.PGM

Should i just rename "SAPCAR_315-20010459.EXE" to "SAPCARAS4.PGM" and link to "/sapmnt/DEV/exe/SAPCARAS4" ?

Could you please suggest if this is the correct procedure? Thanks a lot in advance.