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May 09, 2013 at 11:22 PM

AWS Hana Studio Rev 48 - Hanging and Dropping Connection Frequently?


Hi Guys,

Since I upgraded to SP5 in my AWS cloud server few months ago, I
am getting intermittent connection issues. The HANA Studio crashes erratically
with error " Save Failed: - 708 Data Receive failed (Software caused
connection abort: recev failed].

I also check the AWS instance security group info and it looks

I am on SP5 rev 48 both in the backend and front-end studio
version. I am on 64bit windows and I also checked the Java Runtime. everything looks good to best of my knowledge. It is so bad that I am forced to restart studio after it hangs every 10 minutes

Any inputs to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Also see attached screen snapshot document.