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May 09, 2013 at 03:10 PM

KSU5 - The segment contains no receivers


Hi All,

we have set up a cost cycle in KSU1 & when trying to do assessment in KSU5, we are getting below error:-

The segment contains no receivers

Message no. GA733


No receivers were found for segment UCA-WARNE1.

System Response

Further processing of this segment is not possible.


Check the segment definition in the maintenance transaction for CCA: Actual Assessment.

Possible errors are:

    1. You have set the selection criteria for the receivers so that no valid receivers could be found.
    2. The selection criteria for the tracing factor (tracing factor "Variable amounts") are not suitable for the field group selected. Example: "Actual statistical key figures" was selected as a field group, but no key figure was stored in the associated field.
    3. The system cannot find any receivers due to the inheritance logic for allocations. This problem only occurs in FI-SL totals tables for which the "Inherit from sender based on the receiver" indicator is activated in the "Partner object update" screen (T811U-INHERSRC). These are tables that were installed before Release 4.6A.

To check this, use transaction GCA8 and see the section on:
Inheritance Logic for Allocations
and correct the affected cycle, if required

Please suggest where may be the error